Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo a Day June: Instagram

 This last month I decided I would follow along with Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge via Instagram. Basically she gives you a photo prompt for the day, you take a picture using the prompt and share it via Instagram,  Facebook , Twitter, or all three!

Here were the challenges for June!

Here are all the pictures I took!

Day 1: Morning.
Day 2: The pool is empty but not for long!
Day 3: on your plate  - getting organized for the week! 
Day 4: closeup of my beautiful garden roses 
Day 5: Started walking (maybe running)? again. Saw this on my walk. sign
Day 6: Gardening hat for this incredibly fair-skinned lady 
Day 7: drink to get me through my afternoon slump 
Day 8: 6:00 pm Last t-ball game
Day 9: My view from my front porch
Day 10: Best bit of my weekend? Homemade strawberry ice cream
Day 11: Dirty doors are a way of life in a house full of kids and pets 
Day 12: Picture of my favorite fur baby - low angle 
Day 13: My favorite art (I am partial b/c I painted it!) 
Day 14: Craft time! Just received my plaid crafts giveaway box
Day 15: My pretty yellow peony
Day 16: Out and about
Day 17: in my bag - all the goodies needed to make my niece some doll clothes

Day 18: Something you don't know about me? I have a weird obsession with pens
Day 19: My imperfect mess of a craft room! 
Day 20: 
Day 21: Where I slept - kitties and all :) 
Day 22: high angle - our little patch of the Midwest in the southwest 
Day 23: movement - My kid's favorite game - run around, run around
Day 24: On my mind - all the things on my to-do list! 
Day 25: Something cute - my cat Smeagol
Day 26: Where I shop - the greatest store ever. 
Day 27: My hideous baby poop-colored bathroom. Nice huh? 
Day 28: My favorite butterfly jar on my kitchen shelf 
Day 29: Soft. My favorite blanket to snuggle with on the couch
Day 30: Friend. A picture of me and my best friend (my hubby)
This was my first time playing along. I did pretty well and only completely missed one day (day 20). I use Instagram on my iPod and don't always have it with me, so sometimes I have to play catch up. It was definitely fun to capture moments from everyday life! This would make such a great photo book at the end of the year! 
Do you want to play along this month? Here is the list for Photo a Day July