Saturday, July 16, 2011


 I wanted to share with you some jewelry I have made. I made these for Christmas gifts and a birthday gifts before I started blogging. Sorry for the mediocre pictures.








Friday, July 15, 2011

New Favicon for Blogger

I just got a new 'Favicon' for Blogger.

Does it sound like I just spoke some foreign language - no worry!

'Favicon' is just a fancy word for a favorites icon. See up at the top of this page - the very, very top even above my title that says the name of my website - "Laura's Crafty Life"? Now see right next to it the teeny tiny picture that is there? Well, you might not be able to tell because it is SO small, but it matches the blog button I created to the left. 

Blogger just made it super easy to change yours from this:

Standard Blogger Favicon
To this (or obviously, whatever image you so choose):
My Blogger Button Image
Cool huh?
Well, it is easy, peasy thanks to Blogger's new feature.
1. From your blogger dashboard, click on the 'Design' link.
2. Click on the new Favicon 'Edit' button. A new pop-up window will appear.
3. Click on 'Choose file' and choose any picture file you have saved on your computer. Mine is a copy of the blogger button you see on my sidebar.
4. After you have chosen your file click 'Save' and you are done!
** Update - If you are using the new Blogger interface, you can now find a new tutorial for how to change your favicon. **

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Moving!

 I have been thinking about moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress for some time now.


Since I am trying to grow this blog into a viable business that will supplement our income and allow me to be home with my kids, this seems like the best way to be able to move forward and take that next step.

I also plan to make the transfer myself (eek!). The site may be down off and on over the weekend as I get everything set up and switched over, so please bear with me during the transition. I know this move will allow me to offer more on my blog moving forward and I am really excited about that! Thank you for all being loyal readers.

You can find the new craft blog site at Laura's Crafty Life.

Also, as a side note, if you follow my blog via Google Friend Connect, please take this time to subscribe another way, as I am pretty sure I cannot take those subscribers with me. If you are not sure, the Google Friend Connect box looks like this:

All of my different sign up options are below and you can also find them in the sidebar:

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monsoon Season is Here!

Is there anything more fun than being a kid in the rain?

We live in Arizona and are usually blessed by monsoon rains this time of year. We had our first one over Fourth of July weekend. The kids had so much fun playing in the rain.

They each took a bucket (and a dog bowl) to catch rain out from under the porch roof.

My littlest one wanted to go down with the "big" boys. I was worried she would get upset once the rain hit her, but she loved splashing around in the puddles.

The boys had fun racing from the porch to the fence and back.

Poor little baby got caught when the rain started to really come down. She was yelling for someone to come and get her. The awesome mom that I am, I didn't really want to get soaked, so I tried to coax her back up on the porch by herself. It wasn't going to happen (I did eventually go down and grab her, but not before I took a picture of it!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Beauty

I wanted to share some of the beauties I have growing in my gardens right now. My thumb is looking greener every day! All of these flowers are perennials I planted this year.



Butterfly Bush

Blue Salvia

Cooper's Ice Plant

No idea what this one is called - if you know, could you tell me?

It is very low growing to the ground and is starting to spread out.

English Lavender

Pineapple Sage


Baby Zucchinis

Blackberry Bush


Vegetable Garden

(Green beans - purple and green, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, peas)