Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a really nice Christmas this year. Our first event was going to the annual American Legion Christmas party with Thomas' Great-Grandma Glenna. It is always fun. The kids play games and win prizes. And of course, Santa is there. I wasn't sure what Thomas would think of Santa, but we had been talking about Santa a lot. He went right up to him and sat in his lap. He was so excited to be getting presents.

Here is a picture of some ornaments I made for presents and also one for our tree. I got the idea from Scrapbooks, Etc. website. They turned out really cute!

Here are the sugar cookies I baked and decorated to give away to friends and family. I also made some fudge, which to my dismay turned out dry. It tasted okay, but wasn't how I wanted it to turn out. Someday I will have to have someone with the magic fudge touch show me what I am doing wrong!

Here is Thomas with the cookies and milk for Santa and the carrot for the reindeer. He was pretty excited this year and seemed much more interested in Santa then last year.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. It was funny because Thomas just went about his normal business for the morning - having some milk and watching a cartoon. I had to actually remind him that it was Christmas. He had been asking about it for weeks, so I am not sure he believed it was really time to open the presents yet.

Thomas after opening up all his presents!

Thomas with his new camera from Santa. Finally he won't have to use ours anymore.

Our holiday Christmas photo.