Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Garden

So this is mostly just me bragging about my stupendous gardening skills. Seriously, I am really proud of myself. You may be thinking, "Wow, this girl is really full of herself." But let me give you a little history of why I am so proud of myself now.

Before I met my husband, I never had a vegetable garden before. Or really any kind of garden for that matter. I was a plant killer. You know those supposedly 'easy to grow' plants? Well, apparently, for people like me they should be called 'easy to kill'. There must be something really special about my husband. Before him, no plant around me was safe.

When we moved in together, I took over the care of his plants. My husband is not only special, but brave, too. There was one particular plant, that although did not look terrible, certainly could have looked better. I was very careful with this plant. I found a new home for it with just the right amount of light. I watered it, making sure not to over- or under-water this plant. It began to grow, and grow, and grow. It was huge and a beautiful shade of green. (It used to be this sort of sickly looking light greenish-yellow color).

Then, we moved into our new house. At this point we had many flourishing indoor plants. I thought I would fertilize all the plants. It was easier to do this outside since we had so many plants. It seemed my curse of plant killing was finally over. I was so wrong. The beloved plant that was so lush and green was out in the sun too long. All of the leaves turned yellow and fell off. I was crushed. There were only two tiny little sprouts left on the plant after its traumatic ordeal outside. I nursed this poor plant back to health. It is finally (almost two years later) back to its original glory. All the plants seem to be doing fairly well in our house. Thank goodness for them, right?

So back to our garden. The first summer after we moved into our house we built an above ground garden. I was not very confident that it would go well since this was right around the time the other plant lost all its leaves. It was a lot of work to build, mostly on the part of my husband, but so worthwhile. Each year we get better at our gardening skills. We have had quite a harvest each year. And I am so looking forward to it this year as well. We planted our garden only a few days ago and already we have sprouts.

Like I said before, I am really proud of myself.