Friday, May 15, 2009

Forty Pounder

Okay, so this is just a funny story about Thomas. Lately he has been really into measuring things. With a tape measure, the bathroom scale, rulers, etc. But the funny thing is, for some reason any time he measures anything, whether it be a weight or a unit of length, he says, "Wow, a forty pound-er!"

It is too funny! This may only be funny to my husband and me, but every time he does it, it makes me laugh so hard. I am not even sure where he picked it up. He certainly is not a "forty pound-er." In fact, he is only a "twenty-five pound-er."

Mommy is on the scale. Thomas' response: "Wow, a forty pound-er!"

Thomas has the tape measure to measure Mommy's hands and feet. Thomas' response: "A forty pound-er!"

Thomas picks up the big shovel in the back yard, which is really heavy for him. His response: "Oh, this is soo heavy. It is a forty pound-er!"