Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake Mary, Arizona

This last weekend we went camping and fishing at Lake Mary, Arizona with some great friends of ours. It was beautiful up there! I feel so blessed to live in an area where we can get to so many beautiful places in less than a two-hour car drive.

Lake Mary, Arizona

The boat really wore out my littlest one. (I am just grateful she took a nap, or it would have been a REALLY long day for the rest of us!) It is hard to sleep with the life vest on, but we managed to get her to go down.

Up from her nap and ready for boating!

My hubby caught the first fish of the day! 

Meet Mr. Pike - he had scary teeth.

The grand total of fish caught was 2 (and my hubby caught them both). Not the best day for fishing, but the best day for fun!

My little guy was super excited about fishing!

The weather threatened rain all weekend, but we ended up with only a few sprinkles. We were blessed by this beautiful rainbow. (We did, however, get poured on as we made our way out of camp).

Can you say, dirty? This is what camping is all about.

We love to be outdoors as a family and we are trying to squeeze in some fun before the end of summer. (Although I am secretly looking forward to the fall, my favorite time of year).