Friday, June 10, 2011

What I Have Been Up To . . .

I have had these lofty goals of getting one to two blog posts done each week. After all, I want people to read my craft blog, but lately, there has not been much to read! So, instead of waiting until I have some perfectly composed crafty post, I figured I would show you what I have been doing!

First, I have been preparing to throw one of my friends a baby shower. I am super excited about this. It has inspired me to work on so many fun projects to make her day special. Lately, I seem to do better when I have an actual purpose for crafting, rather than my usual scrapbooking I love to do. The creative juices have not been flowing in that department, but I think all of this party crafting will definitely help get me re-inspired!

We finally have completed the kitchen - at least for now. We have put redoing the countertops on hold until later in the summer. I am spending so much time outdoors with the kids that our un-landscaped yard has been screaming at me and that is where our money attention has gone to!

I have been on a plant buying spree for the front yard. We finally put some more plants in and mulched the front roundabout. I think I have planted at least 15 new potted perennials in the front yard.

Looks sort of sad with those small plants, but by the end of the summer, it is going to look beautiful!

California Poppy

Mouse Ear Tickseed

So happy to finally have some color other than just purple in our front yard!

I got a few more plants planted around the front fence. (Weeding is a never ending battle here where it is windy. I don't use spray weed killers, so pulling takes up a lot of time! Hence, the major mulching projects I have planned for the summer.) Our oak tree we bought two years ago died on the top half, so now we have more of an oak "bush". I am hoping it will get a little taller, but who knows?

We laid down bricks and sand to prepare the area for our above ground pool. We still need to level it out and repair the small holes we got in the pool last summer. Then, we will be ready for business, and a pool party, of course!

We planted our garden.

We got our first harvest a few days ago of some delicious radishes. These are a definite must if planting with kids. They grow so fast. The seedlings come up in a few days and the plants are ready to harvest within about a month. Not much in the garden that I know of that grows faster!

Still to come in the next few days/weeks:

  • finishing up baby shower projects
  • make the cake for a baby shower
  • lay bricks and mulch around the kid's play area
  • finishing up the railroad ties by the front of the house
  • building a horseshoe pit in the back yard - maybe
  • yard sale!