Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mysterious Multiplying Projects

Now that I am no longer working and I am not yet completely huge, we are trying to tackle the projects we need to get done before the new baby gets here. Essentially our house looks like it was run through by a tornado. It is amazing how a "project" can multiply so out of control.

I am not trying to minimize the enormity of our project. It is a biggie! We had to get rid of our large fish tank that was in our main area of our house. We then had to move things from the office out to that space. All of the furniture in the office had to be reorganized and rearranged. We then had to start moving the things out of what is going to be the baby's room into the office. Basically we are trying to cram two rooms full of stuff into one room. And each step of the way is dependent on something else getting done. Add to that we are trying to go through things to have a yard sale and you start to get a picture of what this project is like.

Add into the equation an almost 3 year old and you have a recipe for disaster. As I am moving things around, sorting through things, trying to box things up, Thomas is pulling out his regular toys as fast as he can. I think his goal everyday is to see if he can get at least 10 toys in each room of our house. And not just in one spot of the room. These toys must span all four corners.

As I leave him alone for a few minutes to get something done, he has pulled apart his whole closet. Well, I hadn't planned on going through his closet yet, but since he has already pulled half of it out, what the heck, right? So put on hold what I am working on to go through his closet full of baby stuff. We start to move all of these things into the babies somewhat cleared out space. Thomas continues to go through the bags and boxes of toys and baby stuff saying, "I used this a long time ago." So I say to him, "Now they are going to be for Baby Pizza (no, we still don't have a real name picked out). Do you think we are going to be able to share these things with the baby?" You can tell he is thinking about this for a minute and then he tells me, "No, these things are ALL mine. I used them a long time ago. They are mine. Not for the baby."

Super. So now I have to worry about Thomas reclaiming all the baby things and putting them back in his room because he believes they belong to him. And he isn't completely wrong because they were his things. So I avoid this conversation any more for the time being.

Even better, but we have a houseful of people coming over in two days to celebrate Thomas' 3rd birthday. At least it gives us a deadline for getting this stuff done!