Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frustration at the Doctor's Office

On Monday I was supposed to have my five month checkup at the OB's office. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and my husband and I were supposed to find out the sex of the baby. We have been telling people since my fourth month checkup that we were going mid-September to find out. Everyone has been eagerly anticipating finding out if Baby Pizza is a boy or a girl.
So, my husband asks weeks ago to get off work early so he can go with me to my appointment. It is really sweet. He really wanted to be there for this appointment to see this really special ultrasound. We drive all the way to my doctor's office which happens to be a little over an hour away.
We got into the office and the receptionist looks sort of confused that we are standing there. She says, "The doctor is not in the office today, he is out of town. There isn't even a nurse here today." So then the yelling started. My husband was furious. Somehow, my appointment did not get entered into the system. They didn't have me down for anything. So, of course, they could not call me to let me know the doctor had to go out of town unexpectedly.
Aaron and I were arguing about when to come back, which was really more of, "Well if we come back, is the doctor really going to be there?" kind of a thing. The receptionist suggested we just call back when we can figure out a time to come back.
And as annoying as the situation was, I think the thing that irritated me the most was that the receptionist didn't even apologize for the office making a mistake. Where are basic customer service skills? Granted, Aaron was yelling at her, but she had to understand we drove from out of town, my husband took off work and lost some of his PTO, and on top of it all it was the visit we were supposed to find out the sex of our baby. Instead, she just kept saying that it was an honest mistake and there wasn't anything they could do. I get that. She cannot make the doctor magically reappear. But where was the common courtesy to say, "I am so sorry for the inconvenience." Is that too much to ask?